Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Beginning

"I want a cupcake."

And so it began. The Cupcake Sharks, inspired by a craving, have decided to track down cupcakes near and far and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 noms.

We started at West Egg Cafe on Howell Mill Rd. We brunched there yesterday and drooled over the cupcakes. I tried to justify ordering cupcakes at 10 am ("Cream cheese icing is made with cream cheese, which you put on bagels, which you eat at breakfast!"), but Nomtasty and Nomasita convinced me to opt for the Brown Sugar Bacon instead (good choice).

Since West Egg was the source of the craving, we started there. We chose the Red Velvet, the Coca-Cola, and the Carrot.

Two whites and a brown, just like us.

The Rundown

Red Velvet - Best cupcake we had at West Egg and best Red Velvet of the day. 4 noms!

Coca-Cola - Less than stellar. Didn't really taste like Coke, and not terribly spectacular. 2 noms.

Carrot - Pretty good. 3. 5 noms.

In search of the perfect cupcake

What started as a craving for cupcakes one lovely Sunday afternoon rapidly turned into a quest to find the world's greatest cupcake...

And so it begins... the chronicles of three cupcake sharks...